Villa California Sinemorets Villa California Sinemorets
Villa California Sinemorets Villa California Sinemorets Villa California Sinemorets
Villa California Sinemorets
Villa California Sinemorets

Sinemorets is located to the south of river Veleka, on a peninsula only 5 km from Ahtopol, 10 km north of Rezovo and the Turkish border. The village is situated in the base of Strandja Mountain, next to the river and the Black sea.


The beach near Veleka is very beautiful, quiet and calm. The river and the beach are protected areas. Stranja is one of the biggest nature reserves in the country. The first nature reserve in Bulgaria was located there. There is no industry in the mountain. Some villages make you feel as if time stopped 100 years ago.


In the middle ages Sinemorets was part of Turkey longer than most of Bulgaria and was freed in 1913 after the Balkan war. During the summer of 2006 near the beach of Veleka, Thracian gold was found. Sinemorets is the most southern point of the Bulgarian Coast. The coast is a combination of clean beeches and fresh forests.


The green hills of Stranja are touching the coast. Dark rocks with amazing shapes were created by nature over the centuries and golden sands add magic to the beaches. Sinemorets offers its guest surfing, diving, picnic, hunting, fishing and bike riding. Around the village, there are 5 beaches, 4 of which have their natural beauty preserved.


A few kilometers away is the last Bulgarian beach before the Turkish border, the beach of Silistar which is also a protected area. The people in Sinemorets still farm as they used to. Here you can buy fresh milk from the peasants or dark,

oak tree honey.


Sinemorets is a wonderful place for anyone who would like to take a break of city life. A place of peace quiet, beautiful beaches and wondrous views, this is Sinemorets.

Villa California Sinemorets


  How to get there?


Ask for a flight to the Black Sea port of Bourgas.


During the summer season there are a lot of chartered flights from many

European airports.


You can then rent a car

and drive to Sinemorets,

it takes about 1 1/4 hours

and is 100 km away,

or take a taxi.


A taxi ride should cost

about 40 Euro.


Villa California Sinemorets
Villa California Sinemorets
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Villa California Sinemorets